July 14, 2006 § Leave a comment

Note :
This is my emotional song about a girl who disappered from my mind suddenly. aQ bikin wkt kls 3 SMA, dy prna baca lirik lagu ini d binderQ n tany apa bner aQ yg bikin lagu ini…
G nyangka akhirny yg aQ tulis bner2 trjadi, luar biasa… Subhanallah.
Mkny stlh ini aQ g bkln bikin lagu2 ky gini lagi.
Tp g cengeng, coz kisah sebenere dy kul d luar Sby, jd kangen buanget m pipiny yg tembem.
Sound intro-ny rada mirip lagu “What’s My Age Again”. Tp aQ paduin ma soul emo…

Whenever I look up to the sky
I’ve been dreaming to get the stars and fly
Although you will leave me and never mine
I will always bring you in my mind

Reff :

(So goodbye my friend) I’m not too scared
(Goodbye) I feel so bored and very lazy
(Goodbye so long) Just don’t hurt your ears with a fucking story
(Goodbye) I have been heard this story, this road so tiny (for you and me)

When you found a better place
You will forget almost of my face
I know I never know now
About something new from you now

Keep your dreams, don’t you scream
Open your mind, don’t let it blame

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