At The End Of March

August 5, 2006 § Leave a comment

Lagu ini punya sound yang punk-rock banget. Tp, rasa2ny stlh aQ inget, agk berbau Green Day.
Btw, km pasti tw klo lirikny agak mirip ma “First Date”-ny blink-182.
Tp emang bner kq, first date itu bqn nervous n perasaan stlh itu g akan ilang bgitu aj…

Oh there’s again, I see her again
A girl who always makes me so nervous when she’s around
I don’t hope her too long , but there is…

At the end of March I dare to pick her out
From her dormitory, yes it’s for the first date
Sing along the blink -182’s song
And you know? I think it’s a coolest thing that I’ve ever got!

Spring time rain is falling down
The flowers is blooming and I saw them on your hat
But I’ll promise you’ll be the one…


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