smile! laugh!

November 23, 2008 § 28 Comments


When life gives you thousand reasons to cry
Show that you have million reasons to smile
When world seems like hate you
Show if you can laugh through the sadness that you had

Keep on smile and show off your laugh
No matter how hard it seems
No matter how much tears that dripping out from your eyes
No matter how hurt words that stabbed your heart

Because you have Allah…


[At a coast of Ohara Island, a few days before The Buster Call Incident]
Jaguar D. Saul : When you’re happy, just laugh! Which also mean that if you laugh, you’ll become happy. Eventhough you’re so small, look like you’re suffering a lot. You just need to laugh! When you’re sad, just laugh!
Nico Robin : If I laugh when I’m in pain, I’ll look like an idiot.
J :That’s not true! Dereshishi! See? You can try it for yourself too!
N : Mmm… Dereshi!
J : Right! Right! That’s how you do it! Dereshishishishishishishi!
N : Mmm… Dereshishishishishi!
J : You’re good! You’re good! Dereshishishishishishi!
N : Dereshishishishishi!

[The Buster Call Incident kills all of Nico Robin’s beloved, included her mother, Nico Olvia. Robin then leaves on a boat guided by an ice path Kuzan sets for her. Remembering Saul’s words, she tries to laugh but weeps as Ohara is burned to the ground. Apparently she is the only survivor… ]


P.S. : Postingan ini menginspirasi saya untuk membuat halaman quotes dalam blog ini.


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